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Monday, 30 January 2017

Madame Endora's Fortune Cards - first daily draw

I was sent this deck for Christmas, but it didn't get here until my birthday, so I'm considering it a birthday gift. :D

For my first draw, I'm doing the 'Oracle of the Dawning Day' draw described in the LWB. You're meant to ask, 'What will the day bring?' and shuffle three times, then cut three times and take the card from the top, which is:

I have a sneaking suspicion this might mean 'she who must not be named' will send me to another work base which will require a train journey and long walk, at short notice (meaning none).  I hope not! I will report what this card actually pointed to at the end of the day.

In the meantime, the LWB explains, 'A change is forthcoming. Your circumstance or destiny has been altered. You must decide whether to change your current direction or stay your course. New prospects and potential new problems are on the horizon. Be prepared to adapt.' Which seems to me to be several different ways of saying the same thing: The winds of change are blowing particularly strong today. Don't carry an umbrella.

ETA: Okay, I wasn't sent to a different workbase, but I did find out I have to work on Saturday. I think that this is more about everything I found out about my retirement, and also some stuff I read about interest-paying current accounts and high interest saving accounts. The winds of change may be blowing ISAs into my past!


  1. "Be prepared to adapt." Sounds like one of my ongoing life lessons!

  2. Ha ha, I like your synopsis: "The winds of change are blowing particularly strong today. Don't carry an umbrella." I'm generally a "no umbrella" person - I much prefer a hooded jacket. After all, umbrellas can blow inside out, and are just a pain to hold, especially if you're pushing a buggy or holding a child's hand or carrying shopping. So, adaptability, different metaphors, and how can you find the perfect raincoat? :D