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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Weird Science: 6 of Swords Parrott Tarot

'Six of Swords is a time of outreach, travel, study and learning. You are empowered by your own knowledge and the accumulation of knowledge.' - Paul Hughes-Barlow, Super Tarot

Today the service is shut down so that staff can travel to a central location for our second annual staff conference. It looks like this card from Parrott Tarot by Margaret and Thom Parrott is 'spot on', as they say. 

I have absolutely no idea why the design is as it is. To me it looks sort of like the iris of a blue eye with a star over the pupil and swords growing out of it like those worm-alien things came of that dude's eye in 'Prometheus'.  Eww!

Notice how the pip card has the playing card association in the top left (6 of Spades), the planet and astrological association under the image (Mercury and Aquarius), and the parrot doing something cute and science-y in the corner there?

Hope today goes by fast, is productive and doesn't make me want to lance myself in the eyes. Ha! 

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