Tuesday 25 July 2017

For study - The Three Steps playing card spread

'The Three Steps' Dawn R Jackson - White Knuckle playing cards
In this blog entry, I'm just working my way through Dawn R Jackson's example of her playing card layout, The Three Steps. This spread is laid out 1-11 on the bottom row, 12-18 on second row, 19-22 on the third row, and 23 on top. It is read in trios, by counting off in sevens, with the seventh card in sequence serving as the middle card of the trio.

Okay, so counting forward from the first card, the first trio is Jack of Hearts - 3 of Spades - 3 of Diamonds. They follow thus:

First Ascent
Jack of Hearts - 3 of Spades - 3 of Diamonds (6 7 8)
Queen of Spades - 6 of Hearts - 4 of Spades (13 14 15)
10 of Diamonds - 4 of Clubs - 2 of Hearts (20 21 22)

Second Ascent
5 of Clubs - 2 of Diamonds - Jack of Hearts (4 5 6)
8 of Hearts - 7 of Spades - 6 of Spades (10 11 12)
10 of Spades - Jack of Spades - Ace of Hearts (17 18 19)

Third Ascent
10 of Hearts - Jack of Diamonds - Queen of Diamonds (1 2 3)
3 of Diamonds - King of Hearts - 8 of Hearts (7 8 9)
4 of Spades - Ace of Diamonds - 10 of Spades (15 16 17)

'The Surprise' 
2 of Hearts - 9 of Hearts - 10 of Hearts (22 23 1)

When reading the trio, you can seek clarification on it by viewing the card above the middle of the trio.

Dawn R Jackson's interpretation:

There doesn't appear to be a question in this reading (something I personally never do - no reading without a question is my policy.) The first trio is Dawn trying to figure out the subject of the reading. She says the seeker is interested in dating someone and getting closer to that person but has not been very successful (6 of Hearts above informed of the love interest). Apparently a date has been broken.

Queen of Spades is interpreted as the love interest - she's got a lot of problems and while she may not be uninterested in the seeker, she's just tired and consumed by the crap going on in her life at the moment.

The third trio is seen as advice - don't give up, the desired deepening emotional bond might be achieved with persistence. 4 of Clubs being a place, combined with 2 of Hearts, a museum or theatre is indicated. Combined with 10 of Diamonds (a lot of money), Dawn decides it's a theatre, and suggests inviting the love interest to a show which is part of package deal included transportation to an out-of-town theatre. (Two 10s in close proximity indicating a journey). An alternate or additional reading of this trio is that the financial deal the seeker is working on is stable and will work out harmoniously.

The second ascent, first trio, sees the seeker heeding the advice to keep plodding away, and he will keep asking her out, and keep getting turned down, though with the occasional acceptance.

8 Hearts - 7 Spades - 6 Spades is interpreted to mean that the seeker's thoughts of love get more and more negative. He is ready to walk away. She's giving too many mixed signals. The mystery behind this is solved, says Jackson, by the Jack of Spades above 7 of Spades.

The primary concern of Queen of Spades is her home and child. She is worried about him because he is feeling depressed and lonely. She believes that he is hiding something (7 of Spades below) and it may be failing grades or other bad thing (10 of Spades). A new relationship (2 of Hearts above Jack of Spades) is not the best idea right now, she thinks. However, this trio is red, showing a light at the end of the tunnel for the seeker. Things will get better.

As the Jack of Spades' outlook begins to improve (a red card above him), the Seeker's emotional situation will grow more fair. The Queen of Spades has become the Queen of Diamonds, and Jack of Spades improves to Jack of Diamonds, showing more sociable and better outlooks. The bodes well for the seeker's happiness (10 of Hearts). An alternate or additional reading of this trio is that the seeker will be invited to the wedding of a younger couple.

With his relationship in hand, the seeker is next confronted with lack of stability in a new financial venture which will become of great concern. There will be a lot of delay and worry and possibly a lawsuit. Travel plans (two 10s) should be carefully made. A secondary reading is mentioned from Ace Diamonds -10 Spades  -- a destructive fire! It's not a house fire (Ace of Hearts is not over the Ace of Diamonds), but still. That's a heck of a thing to report!

The 'surprise' is a fair one - his wish is granted and he enters a harmonious relationship and is married.


This was a lot to take in, which is why I decided to talk my way through Dawn's interpretations first. It's an interesting story she weaves. 


  1. is this just a standard deck of cards?

  2. Yes. I'm into playing cards lately. They come in lots of styles, this deck is called White Knuckle. Google 'custom playing cards' and be amazed!


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