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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ah, a 3-day weekend

I've got a 3-day weekend coming up. Nothing booked, no real plans. Today I've drawn the Knight of Cups, 3 of Wands and Fool from the Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black (Kunati, 2009). The figure in the Knight of Cups stares straight out at us, and his body is turned toward the other two cards, receiving their energy. The figures in 3 of Wands and Fool both face in the direction of the Knight of Cups, but with their eyes cast into the distance (and in different directions from one another). To me this suggests hubby and I are going to enjoy a loved-up weekend, during which we don't bother with elaborate planning (see how the 3 of Wands figure has turned his vision away from the distance? If he were scanning the horizon, he'd mean planning the future to me, but as he's turned away, in this reading at least, I see it as not bothering so much with planning but instead focusing on what is closer, right next to him.). And then of course the Fool suggests all sorts of potential for unplanned adventure. So who knows what could happen. Maybe we'll impulsively take off to the hills for some walking, or fall in love with a car (we intend to do some more test driving) and buy it on the spot. No knowing! Looks like it will be a fun weekend, though.

Now to make it through today's work day...because the card I drew for today was Page of Swords! Oh no! Not Billy the Kid again! 


  1. A 3-day weekend! Lucky you!

    I have a slightly different view on this reading because... the 3 of Wands has his back from the Fool, and is (to me) looking in the same direction as the Knight of Cups. I'd say that indeed, you and your husband will use this weekend to do engange in romantic activities, not necessarily in any kind of crazy adventure.

    The 3/Wands looks like he's saying: "Erm, no jumping off cliffs for me this weekend, I'd rather have a nice glass of wine in a quiet, cozy restaurant!"

    Just an idea! :o)

  2. We never have crazy adventures, so your reading makes sense. The craziest thing we might do is drive out to a stately home or a park and have a sandwich on the grounds. :)