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Thursday, 19 April 2012

1st GT -- The first cut, first 3 cards and the corners

The First Cut
For my first Grand Tableau this morning, I shuffled the Melissa Lenormand and cut into three. Then I checked to see what the cards were at the bottom of each pile:

13 Child + 19 Tower + 14 Fox

This is said to give a glimpse of what's at the root of the reading. This particular GT is meant to be an overview of the next four weeks. Working from left to right, Child + Tower (child + authority) makes me think of school, and Tower+Fox (alone + watching) suggests lone investigations. Child also denotes something new. So I thread them together to create: 'There is something new I'm investigating/learning on my own, with help of authorities.'  

The First Three Cards
Then I laid out the cards in the traditional 8x4+4 arrangement. The first 3 cards in row 1 are meant to be quite significant, and here they are:

16 Star + 29 Lady + 1 Rider

I am Lady, that's my significator. Reading the line from left to right, I read it as 'a woman taking inspiration or making a new start with esotericism.' 

So it appears to me that both the First Cut and First Three Cards point to the same overarching theme for me for the next four weeks:

A new start in learning something on my own, investigating authorities in the field, watching others, that involves pyschic/esoteric skills. 

The Four Corners
Checking out the Corners, I get 

16 Star + 35 Anchor + 3 Ship + 5 Tree

Again, reading from left to right, the Star modified by the Anchor shows me a firm foundation being set in a realm of the esoteric/angel realms/spirituality/psychic. Ship + Tree suggests a long journey, so:

I will  spend lots of time in the next 4 weeks building foundations in the psychic realm of my life.

I pieced these ideas together using card combos and key words and I did not intend to make them fit together in meaning. But it appears they do. It seems like the next four weeks will see me continuing to work with and develop knowledge of the basics of the Lenormand deck. It's the only new esoteric thing in my life right now. Unless something else is going to pop up that I don't know about yet! 

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