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Thursday, 5 April 2012

April Giveaway: Free Tarot Card Reading


Open to all followers of this blog who leave comments during the month of April. 

The winner's reading will be featured on this blog in May. 

Though commenting on my blog automatically includes you in the draw, the prize is optional. If the winner doesn't want the reading, I will draw another name. 

I'm looking forward to my very first giveaway and to seeing you all here during the month of April. Thanks for visiting me at Rowan Tarot!


  1. I like how direct your reading was. Losing weight is usually a long journey, because it's not simply a matter of shedding a few pounds, but also a matter of making your body used to the change. We lose fat slowly. When we we first lose weight, the fat cells shrink but don't go away - if your habits don't change, they grow again. So it take a long time for your body to actually get rid of them. The Ship card is spot on, and the Tree nearby also adds a feeling of 'slow progress' to it.

    I lost 4 pounds in less than two weeks when my Tower hit me on February, because I couldn't eat. I have not gained this weight back, but losing it so fast was NOT GOOD - I have been having many health problems and I am sure it's due both to my mood and to the stress I unwillingly put my body under.

    So make sure that you don't rush any part of process, and give your body time to adapt. Pilates and Yoga are wonderful exercises because they help you gain muscles without straining your body excessively, and having muscles helps you to burn more energy! :)

    And don't be afraid to ask for support. As the Tower said, it all depends on you, but you don't have to be alone all the time! We all struggle with our weight sometimes!

  2. Thanks, Marina. I wonder if there's a way to move this comment to the post it's referring to. :) xx

  3. nice of you to offer :]

    also, love the new header!

  4. Hey Carla, I look forward to the giveaway here. I might just end up doing one myself as well. I hope this experience turns out to be fun for you. Take care!

  5. Giveaways are always fun. I haven't did one on my blog for some time. Best wishes.