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Saturday, 14 April 2012

I'm on my way now!

Okay, I've made a start. I've read several sources that suggest when learning you should choose one system of reading Lenormand cards and stick to it. And several sources that say the best way to learn is NOT to read a book (not that there are many available anyway) but to journal daily readings. So, you see before you my complete Lenormand learning kit (well, minus the Internet of course! I need that to get to Melissa's website, lenormand.info). The Melissa Lenormand, a journal and a pen.

I chose the blank book with the picture of Paris on front in honour of Mme Lenormand--even though I'm learning that the Lenormand deck as we know it today is likely not much like the deck she herself used. She might not even recognise it. Ha, she might even be bemused by it, who knows.  Still this is the deck we all have and love now, and the journal was cheap at the Works and I thought, 'Ooh! It's Paris! Mme Lenormand lived there (I think). And it has a postmark! Surely a sign that I will be able to buy the Postmark Lenormand when it comes out in its next edition!' And so I bought it. (Plus another one featuring Amsterdam. And another of Venice. Good to be prepared, you know).

For my daily draws, I really liked Melissa's 'Lenormand Quick & Dirty' draw, so I will use that one a lot, I'm sure. Here's Melissa's explanation of how to do it: Two Card Reading. Basically, you shuffle and draw Card 1. See what the number is on the card, and count that many cards down into the deck, which will be Card 2. So, if you drew 7 Snake, you would count seven cards down and take out whatever card turned up there. If perchance you draw 36 Cross as your first card, Melissa says she takes that as a sign to put the Lenormand away and consult a tarot deck! :) I'm to draw two cards a day and then at the end of the day, record results. I will do this in my personal journal, and may sometimes share the readings here, particularly once I have made a connection with the actual events of my day.

I don't get obsessed, ya know.

ETA: I've just discovered that AndybC will be offering a Lenormand Study beginning 23rd April called the Cartomante's Cabinet. I guess it will be unveiled on the day. I'm sure Andy will let us know more as the time draws nearer.

Andy mentions something in that blog entry about 'add-ons' rather than 'progressed meanings':
...nothing is going to defeat the requirement of learning the 36 cards’ meanings, which is a requisite of the system and something people seem reluctant to do. Without doing this – you will a) not be able to make combinations b) you’ll not be able to divine answers c) you’ll make ‘add ons’ rather than progressed meanings.
Right now I believe that when I look at two cards, I am making add-on interpretations rather than progressed meanings, which I assume is where two cards combine to mean something new. I may be wrong, hope to find out more in his study!

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