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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Lenormand Daily Draw -- Stork--2 manifestations from the same draw????

Melissa Quick & Dirty: Stork + Cross

An unpleasant change that I can't do anything about is coming my way today? Whoopie! Wonder what that could be. It might not be 'unpleasant', but it is likely a change that I can't do anything about, out of my control. Hmm. I cannot relate to this, so let's try to add more cards.

I decided to turn this into Line of 5 with the original combo in position 3:

Dog + Gentleman + Stork/Cross + Mountain + Lily

I first thought of my husband with Dog + Gentleman. So maybe the change centers on him. Then Mountain +Lily made me think, after some pondering, of his mother. She's in a care home and she has mental health problems. Actually, he plans to go see her tonight. So, I read this as either he won't be able to get to see her tonight for some reason beyond control (Mountain is a blockage/obstacle) OR he is going to find out something new about her or her condition tonight (Mountain + Lily as her general mental condition or perhaps some new behaviour). It will be interesting to hear from him tonight.

ETA: When I got to work this morning, my male colleague (Dog + Gentleman) told me he had to miss work today because his wife, who is expecting, had to go to hospital with pains (Stork + Cross). A little later, I went upstairs and found him at a desk. 'What are you doing here still?' I asked. 'That lorry has my car blocked in, I have to wait for them to move it, ' he answered (Mountain). Now...the question is, what does Lily/Mountain+Lily represent in this scenario. I can't wait to find out what happened and compare it to these cards!


  1. Cross+Mountain + Lilies would mean there is sometimes, some delays which MUST pass before the peace and harmony can be restored. The Lilies at the end could mean that everything will eventually be peaceful and he could rest (Dog+Lilies).

  2. So one of your Lily meanings is peace? That's good. I was trying to figure out how I could work family ties, sexuality, maturity, etc into it, as those were the meanings I'd found online. Is peace a traditional meaning for lilies? Because I do personally have that association myself.