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Monday, 16 April 2012

Lenormand Study -- Rider

Melissa Lenormand 2nd Ed 2011
Today I've drawn the Rider from the Melissa Lenormand. (Actually, I did a 2-card draw and pulled Dog + Rider, more on that later.) The Rider is said to represent a messenger, which makes sense. In most Lenormand decks, the rider is just a man on a horse. This picture showing the girl in the circus gear waving to the crowd doesn't really help, but as soon as you know what the picture is supposed to be, you can make allowances. I am training myself not to analyse the artwork or style of the pictures on Lenormand decks, but to go solely by memorised symbol meanings. So none of this, 'Hmm, the sunflower makes me think this, and the Pegasus makes me think that' sort of talk. This card is just 'Rider', same as any other Lenormand. At least for now! 
Some associations with Rider: news, message, an expected message, could come by post, writing, phone call, etc. Could indicate a connection with foreign countries. Could indicate a young man, a means of transportation (horse, car, motorcycle, bicycle, you name it). Could indicate the need for quick action, something being in motion. Can mean sports, agility. Even business enterprises. Well, that's a lot!
But this morning, I drew Dog + Rider. I'd barely written it in my journal when my husband turned to me from the PC and said, 'You have a message from your son asking for money.' My son lives in a foreign country. I send him money every month on the 15th. So yes, my husband (Dog) delivered a message, from a foreign country, from a young man,that was not unexpected, which needed a quick response (Rider). (I have to add that he told me he intends to use the money toward his truck--so also some transportation in there). How do you like that! Now, how I could have gleaned so much from those two cards in advance, I don't think I could. But still, it's kinda cool.


  1. Hi Carla

    I'm glad you have started taking more interest in Lenormand and you have experienced your very first daily draw and you could spot its manifestation. Welcome to the Lenormand family!


  2. Yay! I'm really liking the Lenormand. :)