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Monday, 2 April 2012

Universal Waite: I shall not be moved

Yesterday I decided to get out my Universal Waite and as usual, I was surprised and delighted at how very good the deck is. Whenever I look at it, I realise that a good copy of the RWS is all you really need. Or at least all I really need. If I were down to just one deck, it would have to be Universal Waite.

Today I'm back to work after a week off, and also starting my a new timetable. It seems like a back-to-basics kind of day, so I'm using Universal Waite. Today's draw: 5 of Wands reversed. Now I don't usually shuffle for reversals, but last night, I accidentally knocked the deck off the arm of the sofa, and when I picked the cards up, I was aware that they weren't all upright, but didn't fix it. So today, I've drawn a reversed card. (I haven't posted it reversed as I can't bear to look at an image upside down! If I ever were to read reversals, I'd turn the card upright and mark it with a little stone or something).

I don't normally deal with reversals, rather I consider a card in relation to its position in a spread and how it's affected by other cards nearby. So a one-card draw, reversed, is a new thing for me. However, if 5 of Wands upright represents bickering and engaging in niggling, inconsequential, petty battles, perhaps 5 of Wands reversed could mean letting go of that sort of thing. Releasing that and rising above it. Or if that's not possible, at least refusing to get caught up in petty battles. Knowing my work situation and a new resolve of mine, this makes sense.

Today, I will not engage in battles of any kind, and anything that seems to be an attempt to aggravate or incite, I will not heed. I'll replace it with certain sound effects, and not hear the words. :)

ETA: Right, I'm home from work. I definitely was on the receiving end of some petty squabbling today. I got seriously pissed off and tried to stand my ground. This person is not the person I was expecting this from--blindsided. Is that the reversed aspect of this card? This person has been getting on the nerves of everyone at work, though. So I have apparently 'joined the club'. 

I need to give this some thought and decide what flower remedy would best help me deal with this situation, because it doesn't look like it will end anytime soon! 


  1. Sorry to hear that you were blindsided by more negativity at work. I guess everyone there is stressed by what's been going on, and that might make everyone more trigger-happy, temperwise?

    Reversals are so tough. I always feel like there is such a multiplicity of meanings in a card anyway, that adding in the reversal seems like adding in a double negative - does it add anything? Here, I see what you mean that it could represent the bickering coming from left-field, but your original interpretation of letting go of such bickering also seemed relevant - you at least can let go of your part in it.

    Hope things improve!

  2. Well, the person in question is not in again until next Thursday, so that is a relief to us all. Her particular way of dealing with change is try to control everything--even those things she's not actually involved in. It's making everyone a nervous wreck. But...the Easter hols will give a needed break. :)