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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Off to London today

Off to London today to hear Ronald Hutton speak at Conway Hall. Quick draw: the journey, the conference:

Ancient Italian Tarot

I see this as a slow, steady and predictable journey -- no surprises, which means things will be running more or less on time with no 'big adventures' along the way. My favourite type of journey!

Then the conference will be well-run. The 2 of Wands  suggests good control, so it looks like things will tick over as expected.

Out of curiosity, I turned over the next card to see what my reaction to the conference would be: 7 of Swords, a card which to me is associated in some contexts with study and learning. So that would seem to be appropriate. But I've packed my lunch and don't intend to buy anything, so if it does point to high prices, I am already prepared for that!

Full report when I return tomorrow!

ETA: Okay, I'm back. Completely uneventful journey, I did not get lost even once. :D The conference went off without a hitch and I got a bargain-o-rama on a used copy of the The Green Man Tree Oracle. The conference gave me LOTS of food for thought and a new reading list as well, so that, too seems to have come to pass. Good work, Ancient Italian Tarot!

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