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Monday, 29 July 2013

Listening to moonlight

Wild Unknown Tarot, 2013
This is the Son (or Knight) of Pentacles from the Wild Unknown Tarot (2012). The Pentacle courts are all deer in this deck. I suppose it is a good choice. Deer have to be very in tune with their surroundings, as they have no real defenses--no fangs, no claws, no stinky spray like a skunk or pointy quills like a hedgehog. All they've got is their acute senses and very fleet feet.

The Son of Pentacles here does look like he's listening very closely, listening to the quiet hum of existence -- the sound of the wind in the leaves, the twigs snapping beneath his hooves, the breath going in and out of his nostrils, the very beat of his heart.

Does he hear the stars? Does he feel the light of the moon? Maybe he does. Who's to say? We won't hear or see a thing, but he will suddenly jerk his head up, alert and wide-eyed, turning to bound off into the safety of the trees while we're left standing dumbly, until the snake or the bear or the mountain lion lunge into our awareness, too close, too late.

We could all use a bit of the gifts of the Son of Pentacles. What do you need to tune into today?

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  1. Love your description of the deer :) I think I need to tune into the needs of my body today, a very Son/Knight of Pentacles pursuit...