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Friday, 19 July 2013


After a long, hot and in many ways troublesome week, I see myself getting up from it all and moving AWAY from the source of irritation --which is perfectly appropriate, as we're going away for the weekend and what a welcome break it will be.

Today's card is Ten of Swords from the Anna K Tarot (Llewellyn, 2013), which depicts an austere, snowy scene of 10 swords standing (and lying) in a pool of blood. Walking away from the swords toward the horizon is a man with a wounded, bloody back, leaving bloody footprints in his wake. The swords must have been in his back, and yet he's survived the ordeal and is walking away, toward the horizon, which for me is always a symbol of hope.

This is one of my favourite cards in the Anna K Tarot deck. It shows what the traditional 10 of Swords only implies -- that the worst has been endured, and from here on out, the only way is up.

As usual in a daily draw, the interpretation is less melodramatic! I haven't been stabbed to the ground by life this week, but I have had some irritations, so it's nice to see the 'worst' is behind me.


  1. That is an interesting version. I've not seen that before. Clever.

  2. Yay, for time away from those annoyances :) A real "live to fight another day" feel to it...