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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Just like a tree that's standing by the water

'Cruelty. Nine of Swords. Consciousness has fallen into a realm unenlightened by reason. This is the world of the unconscious primitive instincts, of the psychopath, of the fanatic. The celestial ruler is Mars in Gemini, crude rage of hunger operating without restraint; although its form is intellectual, it is the temper of the inquisitor. 

There is, however, a way of dealing with this card: the way of passive resistance, resignation, the acceptance of martyrdom. 

Nor is an alien formula that of implacable revenge.'  -- Aleister Crowley, The Book of Thoth 

Implacable revenge may not be an alien formula, but it doesn't make for a pleasant Thursday. Neither does the acceptance of martyrdom, but Uncle Al did like to be melodramatic. Passive resistance, now, that is something I can go along with. And I may need to engage in it at some point, if anyone or anything tries to draw blood today. But will I need to let passive resistance become resignation, and finally acceptance of martyrdom? I refuse! (Or should I say, I resist!) 

Like the swords themselves, cruelty is double edged. People can be cruel to each other, but we can also be cruel to ourselves. Uncle Al's first remarks are about the 'realm unenlightened by reason' -- and what is overthinking and the replaying of tapes but this? So apart from being on the lookout for outward cruelty today, I must also avoid bashing myself. 

I'm not up for a fight today. I'm done with all that. So I'm not having one, with myself or anyone else. I will not be engaged. You can try to bully me, you can try to beat me down, but I will not be moved.