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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Check the guidebook

Bonefire Tarot
The 3 of Wands from Bonefire Tarot combines my favourite elements of this card -- a winding path to the horizon, and ships sailing. Rather than seeing the back of the person in this card, we look from their perspective. Interestingly, instead of gazing thoughtfully out into the distance, we are holding a guidebook open to a picture of the scene. So! We've been planning this. We know where we're going. We have a source of information which helps lead us along the journey. I quite like this. The traditional 3 of Wands implies an internal compass, but the Bonefire Tarot shows us gripping and consulting it. The hand that holds it is aflame, a signal to me that this is a symbol. It seems that all symbolic objects in this deck are on fire.

The LWB says:

'*Plans are underway obode (sic) well
*To capitalize for further progress
*Help yourself to see bigger picture
*Preparedness for travel'

(It must be said, the LWB contains spelling and grammar errors and appears to have been hastily scribbled in pencil, like a shopping list on the back of an old envelope. If this bothers you, just don't use it. The meanings are all very standard, anyway.)

I just drew this card last Thursday, 30 Jan. I guess this must mean progress is being made toward my transition from my current job to my new one. The advice I take from it today - check the guidebook - reminds me that I better make sure all forms are filled in and everything is in order or else this job might not be mine! It's a conditional offer, all I need are a few forms and photocopies of my qualifications, but it's best not to be too complacent about this sort of thing!

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