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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Happy Imbolc

Isn't this card beautiful! What a lovely card to draw on Imbolc, the fire festival to Brigid. Okay, Ace of Cups is not a very fiery card, but it does remind me a lot of the Bride. with her many loving qualities. Also, there are traditions of visiting holy wells at Imbolc, to walk 'sunwise' around the well, pray for health, and perhaps leave tokens or bits of ribbon or cloth. The vessel is also appropriate as the festival is considered by some to be a day honouring women and even childbirth (some translate 'imbolc' as 'in the belly', other's as 'ewe's milk' -- either way, that sounds pretty maternal). And finally, the festival is seen by some traditions as the perfect time for initiations - a definite Ace activity.

I'm just hoping that it isn't one of tarot's tricky jokes, indicating that it's going to rain really hard during the festival! :) Wouldn't be the first time Ace of Cups has turned out to be a deluge!

So...the 2014 Thoth-a-thon, Yule to Imbolc, is officially over. You know, I'd misremembered the date from last year, when it turns out I did a Thoth One Deck Wonder Imbolc to Spring Equinox. Oh well, I got the general time of year right. :) I believe I'll make it a tradition every year to do all my draws with the Thoth early in the year. It seems a fitting deck for winter time, and I do have to say, I now love it very much.

I believe my next deck will be Bonefire Tarot...But first, a brief interlude with Way of the Horse.

And here's my first Zentangle, done with a plain black biro--

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  1. Happy Imbolc to you too. If you can make such a Zentangle with "just"a biro then I think we will be blown away if you receive your Sakura micron pens :D