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Sunday, 2 February 2014

My second zentangle. I enjoyed doing it, even though I got a bit rushed at the end due to a 'need' to complete. It's a pattern in my life, where I get a bit obsessed with something and worry it like a dog with a bone. It would be tidier if I had not insisted on continuing even after I'd got tired. These are all zen lessons, though I guess. :)

Shades of the Marsden Fire Festival have crept in -- the weather (snow, splashing water), the coming of spring (leaves, easter egg shape with flamy-looking design, flower shapes), fireworks in the pinwheel designs. I didn't realize I was doing this, it didn't occur to me until I'd finish and was studying it. Celtic designs in upper left corner...stars from the night sky (we talked about stars even though we couldn't see any). There's probably even more from my subconscious there if I sat and made a study of it. That's kinda neat.

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  1. It's amazing what comes out in doodles when we let our subconscious take over. I love making zentangles. To me it is like a form of meditation, in the same way I use haiku, Sudoku and origami to focus one part of my mind while the rest chills out. I have gotten through some very tough times using these methods :) Enjoy!