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Friday, 28 February 2014

And now...the end is near...

Visconti-Sforza Golden Tarot
Today's the very last day at my old job. Yesterday was my last day to be there for both opening and closing...today is the last day indeed. I won't be back for 12 months, and who knows what could happen in 12 months. It's possible I won't be back at all.

So who else could I draw but Mr Death?

My current job draws to a close. The current moon phase draws to a close (it's a new moon tomorrow). Mercury retrograde draws to a close (today's the last day!). It is a day of endings in many ways.

I like this Death card. He's not so much a skeleton as a dried up corpse. Eventually he'll be a skeleton...He wears a bandage around his head like some sort of martial arts competitor, but most likely they are the bandages of his winding sheets, the rags he was wrapped in for burial. It could also be a blindfold that he has pushed back off his eyes (or that has just slid off). The striped item he holds in his left hand could be a serpent or it could be the remains of a long bow. The wand in his right hand could be the remnants of an arrow, or it could be a riding crop...I believe they are a bow and arrow: Dal Negro.

For further reading on Death imagery: Death Takes a Grisly Shape.

Interesting iconography, and I can see the significance of the card for me today. But Death is only card number 13 in the trump sequence -- there are many cards to follow. So onward and upward!


  1. Definitely, onward and upward :D This is a very interesting Death card: he also seems to stand at the edge of a cliff, with a puzzle edge. Highlights that this is just a piece of the whole, another part of the picture that our life creates...

  2. Yep, lots of endings around right now, on the internet and for people I see face to face. Good to remember there is more to come. :-)