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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What do the 8s mean to you?

Cachet Tarot 2003, 2013
The 8 of Wands, even in 'illustrated' pip decks, is usually the one with the least adornment. This is because in the usual Golden Dawn tradition, it has narrow range of interpretations -- speed, being busy, communication of some type, messages, news, moving quickly. The little companion book that came with the Cachet Tarot in my set (which does not even give a name to the deck) has somewhat unusual interpretations for some of the cards. For 8 of Wands it says, 'This card will often represent the type of cathartic discussion which ends confusion. Eight of Wands always brings a new surge of energy and freshness when it appears. It often signals entry into a new phase or project -- one which stands a good chance of success.' I can sort of go along with that, though I would never see 8 of Wands as the start of a new project, rather I would see it as moving swiftly along the process toward completion. The 8 would be when you hit a phase of rapid progress, like in the game 'Sorry' where you land on that square that lets you slide along across several more in one move.

I see the card as saying I will be quite busy today. No time to get bored! Too busy busy busy. And that's okay. But -- Mercury is still in retrograde, so I won't be surprised if some of that 'busyness' is trying to deal with breaks in technology or overcoming misunderstandings of some kind.

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