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Friday, 7 February 2014

Mysterious sparklies

Bonefire Tarot
This is an attractive image from the Bonefire Tarot, but I'm not entirely sure I understand how it relates to the traditional meanings of the 6 of Coins. It's night time with a giant full moon, star and golden orbs in the sky. Next to the moon, a sun emerges over a green horizon with a bonefire standing watch.  A cow stands in a pool of water. In the foreground, two heads of wheat frame the image, cradling organic-looking growth that remind me of tree roots, and nestled within them are more coins and a crowded section of red sparklies--jewels? berries? innards? Who knows.

Not sure how you get from all that to: 'a small improvement in money, charitable donations, stoic approach to finances, being open to opportunities, altruism versus self-satisfaction.'

As I was typing this, I just heard on the news that at Cabinet meeting last night, the county council has decided to shut 9 libraries. They've already reduced us from 32 libraries to 16 in the last few years. This would take us down to 8 libraries for the whole of this county. Of course, what the implication of this would be for staffing, I cannot say. I am starting my 12-month secondment in a different sector soon. I just got my start date yesterday and it is Monday, 3rd March. That would put me back in the library service March 2015, presumably just when the cuts start. Of course I can't worry about this, as worrying doesn't change anything. I'm sure there will be more details today in my email at work, but I refuse to worry.

In light of this news, 'a stoic approach to finances' and 'being open to new opportunities' shine out in a new light. Whatever happens, the only thing one can do is keep moving forward. Life doesn't end because a job does. That's just a change. That's not the end.

Maybe that cow's about to jump over the moon -- into a new day.

ETA -- MERCURY RETROGRADE ALERT! The news got it wrong this morning. It was not agreed to close any libraries. No library closures. That retrograde. It always gets ya. It's 6-28 Feb, by the way, so be warned.


  1. Well, working in a different sector will give you a springboard to make another change, should the need or desire arise!

    I associate bulls with stock market parlance - feeling bullish. The courage to soldier forward when really no-one knows what's going on ;)

    So, we've both got big plans for the 3rd of March - that's when we move house *eek* Will keep my fingers crossed for you, and glad that the "conditions" have all been fulfilled and you've got a start date!

    1. Oooh, best wishes on your big move! :D

  2. Re the six of coins... What I see is pennies from heaven (the gold orbs in the sky seems like distant coins... which then get bigger and we see indeed that they are pentacles). The cow reminds me of a 'cash cow' providing more than is needed, so there is abundance left for charity.
    The coins at the bottom look like seeds sown and the wheat is the harvest, so the work has been done, and the reward is apparent. The red jewels/berries had me stumped too and then I looked again and it is a purse, with money coming in and going out. Maybe the going out is the nod to benevolence. The Moon is obviously there as the astrological connection with this card.

    I love this deck... have you seen the thread about Gabi's new upcoming oracle on AT? It looks extremely lustworthy to me.

    1. Nice ideas -- pennies from heaven and cash cow. :) A purse! Nice. I don't go on AT anymore, so I hadn't seen about it. What's it called?

  3. It's called The Wyrd of Sarah Howard, but the only place I have seen it mentioned is on AT.... looks gorgeous... I wondered why you hadn't been around recently, you are missed! I am doing a numbers study on my blog atm....and I also plan to really start studying the Thoth *ahem* !!