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Thursday, 2 January 2014

A Change Will Do You Good

Thoth Tarot
Thursday's card is the 'Lord of Change', 2 of Disks from the Crowley-Harris Thoth Tarot. RWS interpretations of this card lean toward achieving a balance in life, which is often seen as a delicate and temporary form of stasis, no doubt brought on by the image of a man juggling two coins while standing on one foot, but actually, even the RWS image can make you think of change of you look at it closer. The man is juggling -- so conditions are ever changing with regard to that. No two seconds are alike when you're in constant motion. Then of course balancing on one foot means constant minor adjustments in every muscle of his body. And finally, the ships on the rolling sea behind him are certainly experiencing the constant change of the waves and tides. So actually, 'Lord of Change' is not an odd meaning for the 2 of Disks at all.

The Thoth image also contains the ouroboros, the snake swallowing its own tail, which in addition is in the shape of the lemniscate (or infinity symbol), the figure 8. In the top circle formed by its body, there is a luminous orb. In the lower circle, a black orb. Yin yang, day night, sunshine shadow. In the top circle, we have a yellow and green yin yang with symbols for fire and water. In the lower circle, a purple and green yin yang with symbols of air and earth. Thus we see a bit of that 'balance' that seems more pronounced in the RWS version. We also have the symbols for Jupiter in Capricorn.

I like that I have drawn this card today. The divinatory interpretation of this card is 'pleasant change'. Because it is the Disks suit, it is said to signify a change of jobs, a shift of fortune or a move of home. That is particularly relevant for me at this time. I am both about to start a new post, and also preparing an application for new job entirely. The application is for a secondment that would entail a complete change of scene -- different department, completely different work, in a different town, all new people. Fingers crossed for me! The closing date on that application is 7th January.

(By the way, I drew from Gilded Reverie Lenormand regarding that secondment. Check this out:

Does that look promising or what? Change of work in government institution makes woman happy. Ha ha)


  1. Those cards certainly keep your hopes up. Fingers crossed!

  2. It does look hopeful. Good luck!

  3. Very nice line! Good luck with the application *crosses fingers*