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Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Thoth Tarot
Actually I do feel rather 'indolent' today, though I find it a curious title for the 8 of Cups in the Thoth Tarot. In the main, this seems to be a very apt card for my overall feelings at the moment...

Yesterday I started a new post, but Monday I have an interview for a completely different one, and I do have high hopes for it, to the point that yesterday felt a little surreal, and today I'm sure will also be like that. The Golden Dawn name for 8 of Cups is Lord of Abandoned Success. And I don't know of a more apt name for getting a job one day and going to an interview for different one practically the next!

Now, Crowley calls this card 'the very apex of unpleasantness' and that 'this card represents a party for which all the preparations have been made, but the host has forgotten to invite the guests; or the caterers have not delivered the good cheer. There is this difference, though, that in some way or other it is the host's fault.'  Crowley does have a tendency to take an exaggeratedly dark view of things, as we saw yesterday with his interpretation of the Prince of Cups. The divinatory meaning given is temporary success without further results, thing thrown aside as soon as gained, not lasting even in the matter at hand, journeying from place to place. All of these seem to describe my feelings at the moment about my job situation. I would happily throw aside the post I've recently gained, at least for the duration of the 12 month secondment (and to be honest, forever), to take on a different role doing new things in a completely new setting. I suppose this points to the aspects of stagnation in the card. Even though my new job is a step up, it's still with the same service and doing more or less the same work, with a few added duties. Perhaps I need a fresher change than this.

On a personal level, this card can point to tiredness, and I certainly am tired this morning. Couldn't sleep well last night. Also, I feel quite lethargic (indolent) within myself due to lack of exercise, perhaps. Probably a lack of optimum nutrition as well. Jan at Angel Paths writes that this card represents apathy, disappointment, and stagnation, tiredness and being unable to generate energy. It is a day to be aware of energy (or lack of it) and to identify victim mentality in oneself. If you decide you are not the source of the problem, determine not to add to the situation through a negative attitude.

I do intend to do my best today, but I cannot deny there is the underlying detachment there of perhaps this not lasting for long, and my path possibly soon turning in a new direction. I shall certainly not burn any bridges, though, because one never knows the outcome of a job interview!


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  2. Wishing you a fresh wave of energy and good luck with the job interview next week!