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Friday, 3 January 2014

Looks like a plot twist in the works today

Thoth Tarot
 I really did not want to accept this 5 of Swords this morning. Another 5 this week? Come on! But even though I reshuffled and drew a couple more cards, got 2 of Disks and Ace of Swords both times, and figured  hmph, I'm just getting cards I drew earlier in the week so I guess I better take the hint that this is the card for today.

So here we are again, back in Geburah. On the Tree of Life, Geburah means 'Severity.' It is the number 5, and represents the heavenly sphere of Mars. Add to all this the suit of Swords, and looks like trouble! Or as Crowley cheerfully calls it, 'Lord of Defeat'.

Just to drive the point home, Crowley has instructed Lady Freida Harris to paint the swords in the configuration of an averse pentagram, which DuQuette assures us can be used to symbolize 'perfectly innocuous concepts', but which in this case 'really does mean trouble.' Well, yay.

You may notice that at the top of the card there is the Venus symbol and at the bottom is the Aquarius symbol. According to Golden Dawn, this card represents 'Venus in Aquarius'. I don't know anything about astrology and so I have to depend on DuQuette's wisdom. He says that Venus and Aquarius are a sensitive, pacifist pair, but they have 'shown up at the wrong party. A terrible fight has broken out in a very rough and well-armed area of Qabalahville--Geburah, the house of Mars, which is located in Yetzirah (the world of Swords).' Venus and Aquarius just can't handle the situation; their peacemaking tactics don't work here, and they are defeated. So however you look at it, this card is about disappointment or loss. There may be setbacks today.

I decided to ask, 'In what area of my life might I see defeat today?' And I drew...the 5 of Cups. Pardon me, but Jesus. What cosmic bowl of Cheerios did I piss in this morning, eh? So, the 'Lord of Disappointment' makes an appearance today as well. This setback could make me feel quite sad. I suppose the question is, am I going to allow it to make me feel sad? I could have a setback today, but how I react to it is up to me.

I saw a poster on Facebook the other day that I really liked:

Whenever something goes wrong in your life, 
just yell 'Plot twist!' and move on.

So let that be my mantra today. 'Plot twist!' (Plus, this is just a daily draw, so whatever disappointment this points to is bound to be minor. Yep.)


  1. Ha ha ha, pissing in the cosmic bowl of cheerios and then yelling plot twist. At least your sense of humour hasn't been defeated! :D

  2. I am glad you see the upside of things. In my point a view tarot is never about putting you down.