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Friday, 31 January 2014

Lord of Works - 3 of Disks

Oh look, another 3 from Thoth Tarot. Looks like Mars in Capricorn. This card is known as Lord of Material Works.

DuQuette explains that this image is a view from above a pyramid resting on 'desolate desert' of grey sand that represents the 'great sea of Binah'. At the three corners of the structure are wheels. Each wheel contains a symbol for one of the three alchemical symbols, salt, sulfur, mercury.

I myself notice that these wheels look a lot like the Buddhist 'dharma chakra' or 'wheel of Dharma'. You often see the wheel with eight spokes, representing the noble 8-fold path. The 12-spoke wheel can represent the twelve links of dependent origination. It could also be a reference to the twelve signs of the zodiac, or any of the other significant 12s in various philosophies. Also I've just realized: 1+2=3.

This is a card of craftsmanship, skilled work. It reminds me that I should 'work smarter, not harder', as the saying goes. Angel Paths says the card encourages us to examine our lives for the 'apparently immoveable object' and then to 'lean on it with all our might.' Well, now, today is my day off and I don't feel inclined to any navel-gazing in search of barriers to break down today. However, I did receive my offer letter for my new job yesterday, and today would be a good day to read all that thoroughly and get all my Is dotted and Ts crossed. I'm also going away tomorrow to attend the fabulous Marsden Imbolc Fire Festival, and so need to do my usual map-finding, packing and other preparations for a weekend away. And I have just started out on a new hobby called 'Zentangles', and I borrowed a book about it from the library yesterday which I will have a read of today, after I get back from the hairdresser's. I spent half my lunch hour yesterday marching around the town centre in search of Sakura micron pens -- but even the local papercrafting and hobby shop didn't have them. You know, you try to patronize local small businesses, but almost invariably they don't have the thing you want, and so you end up ordering online anyway. Well, one can but try. If they don't have what I need, not my fault. The last time I bought a substitute option from that papercraft shop was when I wanted to colour the edges of Celtic Tarot blue, and they didn't have the inkpad I wanted, and so I took the shop girl's advice and got a different brand. It was a disaster. So there's no way I'm buying anything other than Sakura micron pens for my zentangles, even if the first one I've done is just done with a plain old black biro. :)

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