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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Power power everywhere

Thoth Tarot
I didn't have time to do a daily draw yesterday because I had to get out of the house early to travel to my job interview. More on that later.

Today's card is the Emperor from Thoth Tarot. I like him very much. He is full of fiery Aries energy, flanked as he is by two rams peeping over each of his shoulders. He's holding his royal scepter and orb. His throne is decorated at each elbow with rather atomic-looking starbursts. His shield shows two flaming birds (phoenixes perhaps?) spreading their wings before a glowing red sun. The Lamb of God sits at his feet, and at the very bottom of the card are the phallic fleur de lis symbols. A big blazing sun frames his head. He's covered over from top to bottom with symbols of power and authority. And he's got his legs in an approximation of that open leg-cross style associated with men asserting their dominance. (Supposedly the ankle to knee position asserts the 'crotchal region' as Anchorman would say, while the knee over knee position shows a more passive personality. Anyway!...)

Today is the beginning of my second week in my new post. I think it is time to start asserting some of my own authority there. Must make myself and my wishes known. I suppose it's time to start telling people things I want them to do, and expecting them to do it.

As far as the other interview goes, I've done a series of readings about that post. The first one suggested to me that I would be a good fit for the role (done in Dec when I first read about the post):

'A change of work for a large institution pleases Woman (me).' 

Then on Saturday of last week, in preparation for the interview, I asked about the interview itself:

'Manager or important member of panel likes my knowledge and offers me a choice (or chooses me).'

So this morning I drew to find out the outcome of the interview. Pardon the image quality I thought I'd try taking a snap but it didn't turn out very clear:

'A choice about travel presented by male authority figure from institution.'  Or it could be 'A choice about travel offered by management to man from institution.' 

I think they may offer me the post. But they could offer it to a male candidate. Who knows, eh? :) Do you have any thoughts about these Lennie readings? 

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  1. No thoughts about the reading, other than I really would like to learn to read Lenormand cards one of these days. Still hoping for the best outcome for you!