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Monday, 8 October 2012

Daily Lenormand 5 of 7: Melissa

What is happening with me today?

Melissa Lenormand 2nd ed,  by Melissa Hill

AM (7.14)
Key themes: Treachery, being watched, gossip
Prediction: I will (or am advised to) take the moral high road when tempted to engage in idle gossip that serves only to annoy me.

PM (17.20 )
Accuracy: Once again, not sure
What happened in relation to the cards: It wasn't gossip, it was finding out things at meetings and and trying to sort out how to do my job in accordance with new policies. So it really looks like Fox+Mice+Cross is about annoyances at work, even though I'm trying to work with a system in which Moon is work. (Actually I'm not sure where I got 'gossip' for the Fox card. Maybe it was from the Melissa LWB).
Observations: It may be that for me, Fox can be work. I know that Fox is work in some systems, Lilies is work in some, Moon is work in some. Even Anchor can be work in some. Also, I'm not sure if it makes a difference which deck I use. Someone recently said to me that she couldn't use a certain deck because things  kept turning up as the wrong card for that particular deck. To be hones, I'm not mad about the Melissa as a reading deck. It's pretty, but...maybe I should stick to just one deck for these daily draws?


  1. Interesting what you say about work being different cards. I'd read of work being Fox, but have to agree that despite people talking about Lenormand being a "system", actually everyone seems to have their own take on what that system is *doh*

    It could also be about different aspects of work... For me, the Moon could only be spiritual/magical work.

    Will be interested to see how you decide to move forward with this - one deck or more, one system, or your own... :)

  2. I like the idea of Moon being work, but that is probably because my working life has been day in, day out, regular times. And the cyclical nature of the moon reflects that. In-out-dark-light, dependable and cyclical...that works for me as Work. Fox, no. Lilies, definitely not. Anchor, not really. Spiritual/magical things would have to come from some card combination for me, because none of the cards mean that to me singly.

  3. Yeah, I see what you mean about the cycles of the moon, and of work life, but then, the Sun could say that, too...
    I see the Moon more as intuition, so I'd want it paired with something that I do associate with work for the spiritual work thing. Maybe Book would be a good one for work, for both of us ;)

  4. The thing about the Sun, though, is it doesn't seem cyclical. And it doesn't have its own presence, it's more like LIGHT.