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Monday, 15 October 2012

Don't feed the plant!

Chloe's post today about Life Purpose, based on the 7 of Coins, led me to ask what the 7 of Coins has to say to me today.

Using my new Crystal Tarot (Trevisan), I shuffled the deck and searched out the 7 of Coins, then laid it out with the card before it and the card after it:

Left: What seeds am I watering in my life right now? -- Knight of Cups
Right: What seeds should I watch for opportunities to water today? -- 8 of Swords

Crystal Tarot, Elisabetta Trevisan
Lately I've been watering seeds of the Knight of Cups. He is one who believes very fervently that there is a Purpose to Life! He is extremely passionate about it, in fact, he's almost all passion. But it's not Wands passion, not an energetic, goal-driven mission, but a more romantic, idealistic, meandering and capricious kind of passion. Of all the knights in the tarot deck, he's the man to send forth with only the instruction, 'Go find a quest and fulfill it.' He's unlikely to ask, 'Well, what am I looking for, and more importantly, why should I listen to you?'  He is the most likely to believe there is such a thing as The One True Soul Mate, as well, and is the most likely to engage in a short, vague search, then a long, long time mooning and emoting about not having found it. The Knight of Cups even thinks there is some sort of noble beauty to a life spent on a quest for a prize that he has no clear idea of,  nor any notion what he might do with it once he finds it. His subsequent breast-beating and hair-tearing can become a show performed for his own gratification, something he can wallow luxuriantly in and label his 'Dark Night of the Soul.'

Of course I don't want to water THOSE particular seeds, so what seeds should I be looking for? The 8 of Swords suggests I have been trapped in my own thoughts, a circular pattern of thinking that makes me believe escape is not possible. Of course, the call of the 8 of Swords is always to realise that there is a way out of this false prison. Today, I should be vigilant for those Knight of Cups thoughts and feelings, and realise they are blindfolding and trapping me, and remember that I am free to escape that trap simply by walking out of it, just like the woman in the traditional 8 of Swords image. My binding is loose, no one is around to stop me, and the way is clear for me. Just walk away from these thoughts.

Today's card from the Crystal Tarot (Trevisan) reminds me that today is the new moon, an excellent time for banishing. So I think a little work is in order to banish this particular shadow energy of the Knight of Cups. No more water for those seeds. May these seeds no longer feed off my life energy, nor be watered by my tears, nor given the chance to manifest through my words. So mote it be.


  1. love how you read out these cards. lovely pip deck indeed, this one is. also, great spread - watering and seeds is such a useful metaphor :]

  2. I agree with Bonkers, what a great spread! Good luck with weeding out that Knight of Cups and cutting away the deadheads of beliefs and thoughts you no longer need :)