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Monday, 29 October 2012

Running in circles

West, US Games 2008
Monday with the Halloween Tarot by Kipling West

The Knight of Imps -- Knight of Wands -- is certainly a fiery chap! Even his horse has steam pluming from his nostrils. They're dashing off for adventure, accompanied by an imp flying alongside, and watched in wide-eyed wonder by the ubiquitous cat.

So who is the Knight of Wands? In my mind, he's the teenage version of the King of Wands, who for me is James T Kirk. What would the 'teen Kirk' be like? Overconfident, unprincipled, charismatic, popular with most, envied by all. Everybody knows his name. His reputation precedes him. The girls love him, the boys want to be like him, the teachers are charmed by him. He's  Mr Popularity, Most Likely to Succeed. He'd also be voted Most Likely to Die Young, if high school year books had that category. Risk taker, boundary pusher, adrenaline junky. Sometimes he grows up to be Captain Kirk. Sometimes he just stays the cool-but-crazy-kid with the fast car--annoying and immature. Or worse, the Knight of Wands is  Eddie Haskell of 'Leave it to Beaver'. A well-groomed 'weaselly wise guy', Eddie is the perfect example of the shadow aspect of the Knight of Wands. I can't think of a character to represent the Knight of Wands in his positive aspect at the moment. Any thoughts?

So, what the heck has this guy got to do with me today?  I think I'm going to see a lot of overgrown Knights of Imps today. There's a big anniversary celebration going on with councilors and Grand Poobahs in for a cake cutting and speeches today. I'm sure there will be lots of wavy hair, manicured hands and smooth voices.

But in a more general sense, the Knight of Wands represents excitement, the tendency to fly around in every direction at once. In other words, running in circles. The Knight of Wands isn't quite airy enough on his own to have a true sense of direction. This reminds me a lot of the planning of all the events lately. Everyone running around like a chicken with its head off -- I had events last week I was assigned to oversee (meet and greet, etc), and every timetable I received had different timings on it. The authors and classes didn't arrive on time, and didn't know how long their event was meant to run, because they were told something different as well. Knight of Wands energy has been running the whole show this year. So...I see a lot of activity and a general lack of direction and clear leadership today. It will be fine, though, because the Knight is tough and wearing full body armour!


  1. Hope your armour held out! Enthusiasm is all well and good, but chaos is a step too far :)

  2. Let's put it this way, while some people were networking, the rest of us were left to run the show. I did 19 enquiries between 10 and 11 am. Knackered by end of day!