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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

'Lighten up while you still can -

-- don't even try to understand. Just find a place to make your stand, and take it easy.'  (The Eagles, 'Take It Easy')

[All images from Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin]

Do this - The Hermit
I like this Hermit card. He reminds me very much of the Laughing Buddha, or Chinese god Hotei (also Miluo Fo or Miluo Pusa), the god of Contentment and Happiness. He is one of Japan's seven lucky gods, and is associated with magnanimity. So, he is a bit of a stretch from the usual Hermit, who is a tall, thin ascetic treading the path to enlightenment with head slightly bowed. This Hermit balances on a pile of rocks, both his staff and his lantern giving off light, and with a benevolent and welcoming look on his face. 'The way to enlightenment is rocky, the path is not straight,' he seems to say. 'There isn't even a path! There's just a journey that you make up as you go along, a lot of scrambling. But there are so many joys to be had -- and you don't have to give up the "good stuff" to get there!' Notice his lantern does not contain an esoteric six-pointed star. It just has a plain old candle. But the wand does glow with an ethereal light, wrapped about with a purple ribbon that reminds me of the kundalini...I should look for opportunities today to include the senses in my meditation practice, and to remember that life is not all about discipline. Even the Hermit likes his pies. Apparently.

Don't do this - Queen of Coins 

On the other hand, I should not use this as permission to go too far into the senses and the material. The Queen of Coins here wears an exotic headdress which seems to be made of a net of black pearls. Very costly. Her earrings, necklace and little crown are gold coins. The Queen of Coins does not necessarily mean wallowing in material excess, but of all the court cards, she is probably the most likely to! I think this card is reminding me that what I need is not the perfect all-natural incense, or the perfect arrangement of items on the altar, or a new deck of cards, etc, to facilitate my practice. She's turned up, possibly, to curb my recent obsession with ordering stuff online! It has been completely ridiculous lately how much I've ordered. I'm scared to even look at my order history, the brutal truth! Stop this acquisitiveness, this card warns. And how about making it just one biscuit today?

Outcome - 4 of Swords
The outcome of taking a self-forgiving, middle way (which doesn't include going crazy in the other direction) will be peace of mind and restful sleep. The 4 of Swords is often associated with meditation that heals and restores. In other words, I will feel better today all around if I put the brakes on going after the sparkly stuff and try not to beat myself up for not being Mother Teresa. :)

I like this card. Isn't it interesting that the little man asleep in his cot has his own versions of the Hermit's lantern and slippers sitting there on the floor beside him? It's been a long day of scrabbling around on the rocks, but the scenery was beautiful, his packed lunch was tasty, and even though his little room is simple, it keeps him warm and safe and offers him the full spectrum of life experience (as seen in the rainbow of colours in his bedding). He has all he needs.


  1. I quite enjoy the Hezicos deck and use it often. This Hermit for me fits so well as my so called path isn't a path at all but a rocky road. Not necessarily a bad thing, just my thing. And I like how you tied the slippers and lantern from the Hermit into the Four of Swords. Nice cards today.

  2. I like it, too, Carol! It's a funny little deck, very pretty. I like a podgy Hermit. :)

  3. Loved your reading of these cards! Your comments on the Hermit fitted him perfectly - funny, yet wise :)