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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tarot Wisdom: A Fool Reading for the New Moon

Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck, 1993
Tonight is the new moon, and it seemed like a nice time to try out Rachel Pollacks Fool Reading from her lovely book,  Tarot Wisdom (page 25).

Pollack explains that the Fool represents nothingness, complete freedom, the realisation that we are beyond all boundaries imposed by our various concepts of ourselves. Or rather, simply being beyond all boundaries, without knowing it. And 'Foolish behaviour' is  when we act as if there were no boundaries, unfettered by possibility or consequence.

I will reveal only as much of my reading here as I feel comfortable with. I'm sure you'll understand.

1. How have I been a Fool in my life? -- The Hermit
The most Foolish thing I've ever done is walk away from an entire life and start up a new one half way around the world. I was 35 when I did this. I did this not only to find my inner guide but in some ways in response to it. I went entirely on my own. No net. Just me and three suitcases.

2. How has it helped me? -- 10 of Wands
At the time, I was so overburdened, I could see no solution. There was nothing to be done but to drop the load entirely. Which I did. Though the process was a long one. Turns out it takes a long time to let go of those 10 wands you've carried so awkwardly.

3. How has it hurt me? -- Page of Wands
Someone was left behind, someone who often used to turn up in draws as Page of Wands. Sometimes still does.

4. Where in my life do I need to be more Foolish? - Knight of Wands
Actually, even though I don't allow myself to recognize it, the Knight of Wands tries to manifest in my life all the time. I have moments where I feel charming, self-confident, daring, adventurous, restless, passionate --all Knight of Wand attributes--but I don't give it rein. I argue it down with the all my swords excuses. The Fool would certainly not do that!

5. Where will the Fool not serve me? -- The Star
The Star means hope and healing. It is a change in consciousness, a transformation into a different being, a relief that comes after an extreme experience. This is not something the Fool can aid me with, being a sort of unconsciousness, pure instinct with no self-awareness. The Star requires intense self-reflection and Bigger Picture thinking.

6. Where do I find the Fool outside myself? -- 2 of Cups
If the Fool in practical every day terms is the taking of joy in small things, is living life like a little wriggling puppy, I know where my example is. My lovely hubby, who by his very nature already is everything I would strive to be, if striving could help me get there.

7. What gifts does it bring me? -- 3 of Cups
The Fool Outside Myself certainly does bring me all sorts of joy and happiness. My life with him has been like one long celebration, and that's the truth. A nice little party, just like the one in the card, not too crowded, just enough for a lovely celebration of the bounty of life on this plane of existence, as symbolized by the fruits surrounding the revelers in the card. 3 of Cups has always meant simple happiness to me. Just simple happiness in the moment.

How has the Fool played out in your life so far? What role does he have to play in your future? Maybe tonight would be a good night for you to try out this spread, too. Give it a go.


  1. Just to say how moved I was by this reading!

    Haven't done any of these spreads for a while, makes me think I should pull the book out again...

  2. Hi, what would 9 of swords mean if it comes out for ' where will the fool not serve me?' thanks.

    1. I would say, the Fool will not serve you in dealing with your psychological issues/anxieties/worries. The Fool in this position suggests that a focused problem-solving strategy be put into place, such as seeking out of a therapist or counsellor, rather than turning a blind eye to issues and hoping for the best. Hope this helps.