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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Goddess Suit

Book of Shadows, LoS 2012
We have a goddess on our card of the day from Book of Shadows Tarot Vol 1.

Sarasvati is the Hindu goddess of the arts: music, writing, painting, sculpture performing arts such as dance, drama and so on. She is called the Goddess of the Word and the Goddess of Learning and is identified with culture, language, speech, communication, creativity, intellect, and inspiration. As Six of Water, she is depicted here surrounded by six undines, water elementals that serve in this deck as pips. The Water suit in Book of Shadows Vol 1 is the goddess suit, each card featuring a goddess, an aspect of divine feminine.

Sarasvati is in a traditional pose here, sitting on a lotus and accompanied by a swan and peacock. She is usually depicted as having four arms, the front arms denoting mind and intellect. With them she plays the sitar. The rear arms denoting spirituality. In her right rear hand she holds a mala, for she is a goddess of mantra chanting. In her left rear hand she holds a book, as the goddess of the written word. The swan is said in some traditions to represent the power of discrimination, for it is able to tell pure milk from milk diluted with water. The peacock is said to represent fear, indecision or fickleness (http://www.koausa.org/Gods/God10.html). Obviously, Sarasvati can help you develop discrimination, over indecision, through learning, communication, the power of the voice, and expression of wisdom through the arts.

I see no connection whatever between this 6 of Water card and the traditional 6 of Cups. In a reading, therefore, I would emphasize the energies of Sarasvati and consider how they need to be applied in the given situation.

I'll take this draw as a sign to chant to Sarasvati today. Her chant is Om Eim Sarasvatiyei namaha.

The above song by Deva Premal combines two mantras: Om Hraum Mitraya and Om Eim Sarasvatiyei Namaha. These together have the sense of: 'Salutation to the friend of all; salutation and praise to Sarasvati.' Please listen and enjoy.


  1. I am interested in watching your work with this deck. Everyone I know raves about it, but what you said about seeing no connection between this image and the traditional Six of Cups is exactly my roadblock. Maybe I need some loosening up, or perhaps when the second deck comes out it will start to fall into place for me.

    The chant was beautiful. Thank you!

  2. I wouldn't say that I would rave about this deck, but it is interesting for what it is. I find it a bit dark in colouring and I haven't done a full-on reading with it as of yet, I thought I needed to tinker around with it first. :)

  3. Lovely chant. Wish I'd seen this earlier, though my chanting of loka samasta sukinoh bhavantu was moving, too :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing you use this for a reading. Go on, you know you want to ;)