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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Making a deck my own

Celtic Wisdom Oracle, Watkins 2011

In my previous post, I gave a review of Celtic Wisdom Oracle (Watkins, 2011) which consists of 40 cards. I've had a look at the system and all the clan cards, and I've decided to use a truncated version I've put together to suit myself. I am ignoring most of Matthews' instructions, card groupings, and any unresonant meanings given in the companion book. My deck consists of 23 cards:

Maiden, Mother, Mistress and Keeper (or Crone) - Goddess/ Earth aspects

Shepherdess, Protector, Spinner, Weaver -  nurturing and growing a project of some kind, Water aspects

Tracker, Hunter - pursuing goals, strategy, etc, Air aspects

Princess, Prince, Queen, King - corresponds in my mind to Page, Knight, Queen, King aspects of tarot in all suits and shows a progression of personal development and personality

Gillie (which in this deck is described as a boy on the perifery of the military), Warrior, Commander  -  pursuing goals, God/Fire aspects

Initiator (or Shapeshifter), Healer, Poet, Way-Shower, Druid - Spiritual aspects

The Lad (or Fool) - great, untapped potential, etc

I have made redundant: The Brehon, The Prophet, The Restorer, The Seer, The Fosterer, The Tanaiste, The Adultrach, The Counsellor, The Queen Mother. I am not sure in what way I might try to use any or all of the eight Gundestrup Cauldron cards. I will have to look at them more closely.


  1. A different definition for a Gillie to what I gave earlier - it's probably got a few meanings. It's good to customize things, anything really. We are all different and have to change things to suit our tastes!! I don't blame you excluding the Queen Mum, she's been dead a few years now lol!

  2. i now nothing about this oracle but i must say, nifty idea!

  3. I would have kept the Seer and the Counsellor in (sight unseen), but will look forward to seeing what you make of it ;)

  4. Thanks, Bonkers. My first reading with it seemed to go very well.

    Chloe, I thought some of the cards seemed redundant, but I always have the freedom to add cards back into the deck as I work with it, and perhaps see the sense of why they were there in the first place. :)

  5. Maybe you could have your very own deck created with cards and images that you like :-)

  6. ooh!


  7. LOL Tim. :) Thanks for the link but I don't see myself creating any decks in the near future. My friend, Chloe is doing one though. Check out her blog about it, Celtic Lenormand: