Lunar Eclipse Spread

I may have seen the Lunar Eclipse on 28th November, because every evening as I walk home from work, I'm so busy looking at the sky I'm sometimes in peril of walking into traffic. But I didn't know it was an actual Lunar Eclipse, so in that way, I missed it. But I found this spread on Chloe's Inner Whispers, which originated at Alison's Game of Thrones blog:

1 Shuffle your cards whilst contemplating the thought: 'what energies are being eclipsed in my life?'
2 Complete your shuffle.
3 Turn your deck over so that the images are now facing you.
4 Flick through the cards until you find your World (or equivalent) card.
5 The card BEHIND the World is what you currently hold in shadow.

So I decided to just draw it today, even though I missed doing it the other night. Using the Wicca Moon Tarot, I found:

Wicca Moon Tarot, Shirlee@WiccaMoon
The 8 of Cups peeking out from behind the shadow of the world. Now interestingly enough, it was around the time of the lunar eclipse that a lot of speculation was going on at work about something, and morale was low. It's still low, because since then, the details of that something have been announced.  Even more interestingly, the 8 of Cups itself depicts a sort of lunar eclipse.

The 8 of Cups is about moving on. It is about finding healing by leaving a situation before it has ended, because we know the time has come. Sometimes, though, you forget that leaving is an option. You feel that there are no other options, that life does not exist outside of where you are right now. That this is it, and you just have to live with it. The thought of what may be 'out there' is just too terrifying to consider. The 8 of Cups is about feeling that fear, carrying that baggage of grief or disappointment as well (because it's not easy to slough off these things, no matter what people may tell you), and turning away from a situation and moving on from it. If you wait until you feel safe, you may never move at all. Taking up that fear and moving off into the unknown anyway, is what the 8 of Cups is all about. The possibility of doing that has been eclipsed for me. Or it had been.

What else was eclipsed? Alison's original instructions say you can find the High Priestess card and see what's behind that, to see what a solar eclipse might be hiding. I went through the entire deck, puzzled, and found the High Priestess at the bottom the deck. Nothing behind her. Nothing else is eclipsed in my life right now. This 8 of Cups is the main thing.

To me, this is a pretty profound reading. It speaks to me of being in denial of the possibilities around me. It also reminds me once again of the line from the Jewel song: 'I won't be made idle by despair.'

Thanks to Chloe at Inner Whispers for posting about this (because I did see it on Alison's blog but forgot about it--kind of like those recent overflowing bathtubs!).