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Thursday, 13 December 2012


Wheel of Year,  LS 2011
Today's card from Wheel of the Year Tarot, LoS 2011, is the 8 of Wands. You can see the wands in the form of the fence. In this image, a man receives a message from a falcon, or some other sporting bird (not sure). The 8 of Wands often can mean communication, a message. It can also mean simply speed, things moving along quickly. But this card takes the focus down to just communication/messages. Anna K Tarot does something similar by depicting a woman leaning over the rail of a balcony to receive a letter from a postman.

I am expecting an important phone call today, which I actually made an appointment for, so it is an apt card to draw. It is not to receive any particular news but rather to set things in motion. So it looks like Wheel of the Year got this one right! :)


  1. Why does this guy on the card remind me of Joe Gargery from Great Expectations?

  2. Well now, that's a question I can't answer. :)

  3. Hope the phonecall went well?

    I also see 8 of Wands cards with this kind of "letter" symbolism being about speed. Think how quickly first class letters are delivered, or even more so how they used to be in Victorian times! Or ideas about the US Mail, struggling through all kinds of weather to deliver messages as quickly as possible... :)