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Friday, 14 December 2012


Wheel of Year Tarot, LS 2011
Our final draw of the week from LoScarabeo's 2011 Wheel of the Year Tarot is 6 of Cups. It's a very pretty card. I love the colours, that yellow dress with hot pink trim and a purple shawl, wow! Really vibrant and lovely. The girl is demure in her youthful clothing, her tender little barefeet peeping out from the eyelet lace trim of the dress hem a symbol of her purity and simplicity. In the stream, an image of herself and a man. In happier times? Or is it a hope for the future? Six of Cups is normally associated with 'nostalgia', so it leads me to lean toward the scene being from her past. I don't necessarily think she's no longer involved with this man, though. The card seems too vibrant to be about pain or loss, and in fact, my associations with the number 6 do not really allow for painful feelings. The number 6, for me, is about harmony, strong relationships, reconciliation. So I would say, she's not upset or pining so much as feeling very 'loved up'. And that kind of feeling is often associated with innocence and naivety.

It's nice to be loved up on a Friday. Even if I do have to work on Saturday.


  1. Gah, having to work on a Saturday sucks! Still, hope you manage some loved up time with the Hubster before that strikes ;)

    I sometimes think of this card as being about rekindling dreams from the past. So, not necessarily a person, but something you were passionate about. Given your recent questioning of what to choose in 2013, maybe it's suggesting thinking about what used to inspire you, that you've let drop by the wayside. Might be time to pick it up again...

  2. some lovely colours here in this card xx

  3. Although I didn't think that it was a reflection I thought it was another couple snogging in the water!!!!