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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Peace and Plenty

'I still believe that peace and plenty and  happiness can be worked out some way. I am a fool.' ~ Kurt Vonnegut

We see the arm of a jester dropping white spheres into needy little hands in this card from Servants of the Light Tarot, Aquarian Press, 1991. It is the Six of Spheres, or Pentacles. In this deck, the User of Spheres (or Knight of Pentacles) is depicted as a jester, for some reason. He appears in five of the ten cards in the Spheres suit, and three of the court cards. He is called 'another manifestation of the Fool' in the description to the Giver of Spheres. 'He is the Earth Guardian, in many ways akin to Pan. He will walk the earth as its guardian, but alone he cannot do all that he hopes, for he must have the cooperation of humanity,' according to the description of the User of Spheres. It is by the power of the Maiden of Malkuth that he has become Lord of the Earth, it says in the description for Keeper of Spheres. So there's a nice little mystery running through the Spheres suit for one to unravel or meditate upon, should one wish to.

It certainly brings more depth to what appears to be a rather straightforward RWS 6 of Pentacles. I might give something today, I might get something today. Or is it some sort of higher cooperation that will be rewarded today? Could be any or all of these.

May I be open to opportunities to give and receive of earth blessings today. 

Mantra: Om mani padme hum (this mantra helps achieve the 6 practices, from generosity to wisdom)

Flower essence: Chicory (to balance possessiveness, greed, lacking of sympathy; positive aspect is unconditional love)


  1. mmm, they remind me more of snowballs than ordinary spheres, like they are building up some ammo for a snowball fight. :-)

  2. This deck's definitely getting all Pentacle-y on you :) I rather like the idea of the Fool wandering through the Earth suit - spirit in the world...

  3. I really like the Jester, too. One of the main attractions to me of this deck, apart from the amazing majors, is the way the court characters wander into each other's cards and the pip cards. It's a wonderful thing.

  4. Yes, I really liked your description of the Courts, and that idea of seeing them moving through their suit is a lovely one. I shall wait and see how I feel by the end of the week... save my clickety-itus til after Christmas ;)

  5. Please don't get the wrong idea about the tongue in cheek attitude of some of my posts. I'm not trying to be disrespectful, I find what you do really interesting I'm just not very knowledgeable about Tarot but your knowledge is breathtaking x

  6. No worries, Tim, and thanks, but I'm just a student of tarot, like all the rest of us. It never stops teaching.